No two days are alike

Sometimes you need a little extra energy to scratch the last thing off your to-do list, other days you need a peaceful refuge where you can disconnect, slow down and just be yourself. Some days are so joyful you wish you could live them again, other days all you can do is accept things and move on. No matter what the headspace, there is always room for stillness, appreciation and gratitude. 

This is what daily rituals are for.

You could be celebrating yourself through a morning workout; discovering a new you through some painting sessions or simply being at peace with a weekly foot massage at the spa. Rituals that bring you to life also have the superpower that no matter how the day goes, you can always count on and come back to one person- You.

We, at Earth Ritual, formulate aromatic, homegrown bath, body and home care products, curated with care and compassion to transform your daily activities into rituals of serenity, joy and peace. Our handcrafted rituals add calm to busy times, joy to the best moments of your life, balance to worldly chaos and energy to the most productive days. Sensorial wellbeing that moulds small moments of self care into micro occasions worth embracing.

Born in 2018, Earth Ritual thrives on the ethos that our planet has an abundant self care enhancing treasure to offer, but well entrenched, synthetic products overshadow its worth. We craft our products using the most natural elements from the hinterland that awaken the light of inner bliss through a radiant and pure outward glow. 
Our founder, Rutuja Dandekar, believes that, unlike other brands, Earth Ritual is not your escape into paradise, but rather an elevation of the present moment. This time is the most private for you, and only you, to delve into. Everything else can wait.
Rutuja Dandekar, Founder

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